Fail-Safe Leadership

Fail-Safe Leadership

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What People Are Saying About Fail-Safe Leadership

"The most cogent message about leadership that I've ever had the privilege to read."
Steve L. Evans
Vice President of Sales – Public Sector/Central U.S. Sr. State Executive – IBM Florida
"Not only a well-timed book, but a welcome message as well! Leadership development has long been in need of a major overhaul, and here it is ... finally!"
Edward J. McDevitt
COO, Easton Hospital
"It seems that over the years, every time I think I've found something new about leadership, it ends up being the same old wine put in a new bottle, so to speak. This message is remarkably and refreshingly new and different, and has direct application to my company."
Gary Hamilton
President, Everson Electric Company
"The difference between ordinary leadership and extraordinary leadership is just a little 'extra.' Fail-Safe Leadership shows us that little extra. It is a 'must-read' for anyone who wants to have a clear vision of leadership in their organization."
Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder & CEO, BNI. Author of Masters of Networking
"Powerful! I can't imagine anyone truly interested in what's best for his or her organization not reading this book!"
Domenic M. Carabello
President, President & CEO Florida Tax Watch
"My Measure of an excellent business book is one that makes me think about a common subject in an entirely new way, thereby opening up creative and powerful options for solving a problem—in this case, the leadership challenges I have in my department. By that yardstick, this book is a clear and definite winner!"
Maureen M. Williams
Manager, System Opereations, Nicor Gas