Our Certified Coaches

Trusted Advisors' Certified coaches

Explaining project

There are many coaches in the professional world today; however, most coaches do not have proven processes that produce results for clients.

Trusted Advisors Network’s client-centered approach is a critically important distinction that sets our coaches apart from many other coaching models and processes.

Working with clients for an extended period makes the Trusted Advisors' process an exceptional foundation for professional business coaching. The following details outline the commitment necessary to achieve certification.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a participant must complete the following:

  • Meet the participation requirements
  • Complete and turn in all assigned fieldwork.
  • Attended the Trusted Advisors Coaching Academy Graduation Retreat and
    • Score at least 80% on the written final exam.
    • Score at least 70% on the coaching proficiency.
  • Submit evidence they have been coached by a Coaching Academy graduate for at least three 30-minute sessions.

Certification Requirements

After a participant has successfully completed the above requirements for graduation from the Trusted Advisors Coaching Academy, they may apply to Trusted Advisors Coaching Academy for certification as a Certified Business Coach (C.B.C.). In order to receive this distinction, you must satisfy all of the following requirements within one year of graduation:

  • Submit a written case study.
  • Write an original article of at least 1000 words and have it accepted for publication. The subject matter must deal with coaching.
  • Furnish positive references from a minimum of five coaching clients, demonstrating use of the Academy’s coaching techniques.
  • Submit evidence the participant has coached a minimum of one Coaching Academy participant for at least three 30-minute sessions.